short profesional resume

This is a short resume highlighting the companies I have worked for, along with the related areas of expertise. Some of them are extensively detailed after the link. Would you like to get more detailed information about my professional profile please do not hesitate to ask it via the contact page.

ipdatatel logoipDatatel LLC (since 2013)

Senior developer / Technical director

Houston, Texas

ipDatatel is one of the leading companies in the security systems communication and integrated home automation sector. The team develops, designs and manufactures the hardware, and develops all the software that supports every product and service. The phenomenal company growth has enabled the company to be included in the Inc.500 list in 2014. It’s been also recognized as one of the best places to work in the Houston area.

The team at the company is a very experienced, multidisciplinary team. During my initial period as senior developer, I developed from scratch a scalable key-value store (implementing features such as consistent hashing, quorum consensus, self monitoring and auto-testing), an embedded stack to control Z-Wave devices (bare metal in PIC32) and rewrote an iOS application to control security and home automation devices.

Later on, as the technical director, reporting to the CEO and as part of the executive team, my activities became substantially different, focusing on the hardware design and manufacturing supply chain, software and systems architecture, technical team leading (including new hires) and product development.

Areas: iOS Development, Team LeaderBackend Development

sharewire logoSharewire B.V. (2010-2013)

Lead developer / Technical director

Den Haag, The Netherlands

The company was established as a full service agency focused on the mobile sector, providing services from design and strategy to full cycle development of applications and web sites.

Joined the company as lead developer to soon being promoted to technical director, my main achievement was building up a team of twenty developers in two years, thus being responsible for two-thirds of the company employees and more than three-quarters of the revenue. The main result of my activities was the company being brought up to profitability.

My role involved purely technical activities such as developing applications, web sites and project management but also recruitment, mentoring, team management, business and requirement analysis. I also briefly performed commercial activities during the pre-sales stage of the projects.

Areas: iOS Development, Team LeaderBackend Development

hyves logoHyves B.V. (2009-2010)

Senior developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The company behind the most important social network and community site in the country, founded in 2004 Hyves was the most popular website in The Netherlands as of 2009.

I was recruited as the first mobile developer to take over and develop their iOS application to later extend my activities to Android, Blackberry and J2ME. Additionally I was involved in the development of the API backend (written mainly in PHP but also Python and J2EE) over a machine park of over three thousand machines, thus requiring novel tools at the time like NoSQL databases and almost linearly scalable software.

Areas: iOS Development, Backend Development

opera logoOpera Wireless S.L. – Blom A.S.A. (2006-2009)

System software developer / Product manager

Madrid, Spain

Opera was created as a hardware and software development company, specialised in wireless protocol and devices. It was bought up Blom A.S.A. to become their software development department.

Joining the hardware department, my role in the company was to both write the software and support the hardware the company developed in-house. My tasks involved software and hardware developing and debugging, integrating new hardware from third parties for the first time, porting the Linux kernel to a new platform (including all drivers, power management) and working as part of an international team.

After the acquisition I was promoted to mobile product manager and was made available a team of three developers. Additional tasks included recruitment and mentoring.

Areas: iOS DevelopmentTeam Leader, Linux Kernel, SW/HW Co-Design

atalum logoAtalum Wireless (2006)

Senior developer

Madrid, Spain

This start-up company was founded to provide product and services related to the ZigBee protocol.

As a senior developer I participated in the development of a microcontroller-based network stack and the management software for network deployment and maintenance.

Areas: Embedded Software, SW/HW Co-Design

fedetec logoFedetec S.L. – Amper S.A. (2003 – 2006)

Software developer

Madrid, Spain

Company specialized on the development, building, deployment and maintenance of emergency and control centers for more than 15 years.

During my time as a software developer I worked mainly for utility companies, such as Endesa and Telefónica, creating software and hardware to enable fault tolerant, emergency grade distributed voice communications. Technologies included ISA/PCI, VHDL, ISDN, Linux kernel drivers, CORBA, touch screens, Win32 services, LAMP, C/C++.

Areas: Linux Kernel, Backend Development, SW/HW Co-Design

ccmi logoCCMI / Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre (2000 – 2002)

Technical laboratory assistant

Cáceres, Spain

CCMI is a publicly founded institution devoted to research and development of new surgery techniques, focusing on minimally invasive surgery.

My task as a research assistant was to develop software and hardware to enable remote surgery by applying novel techniques based on a fuzzy logic controlled servo motor. This work was published as a series of articles in several international congresses.

Areas: SW/HW Co-Design, Embedded Software

robolab logoRobolab at University of Extremadura (2000 – 2002)

Research assistant

Cáceres, Spain

Robolab is the robotic laboratory of the University of Extremadura. It conducts research and docent activities since 2000.

Being hired to support in establishing the lab, I participated in the research activities including building the hardware and software for an autonomous navigation robot based on stereoscopic vision. I also participated in the writing and publishing of two international papers.

Areas: Academic R&D